February 17, 2023

5 benefits of outsourcing developers in Colombia

The popular choice

Colombia is currently known for the growing strength of its IT sector and the software development space. It is now an essential choice for US companies to consider outsourcing software development services in Colombia for several benefits. Now we bring the top 5.

1. Highly-Competitive Workforce

Contributing to the global software community with an average of 20,000 software development graduates per year, Colombia has been named the second-best educated and growing workforce in the region for its highly competitive academic education.

2. Multilingual developers

Being able to communicate seamlessly with any team member, anywhere in the world is a great advantage for everyone, right? There are tens of thousands of fully bilingual Colombia developers who are already working for international clients. English language skills are so important that Colombia aims to become fully bilingual by 2025.

3. Cultural affinity with U.S.-based teams

Being "western" is not just a title, it refers to the strong influence of business and educational practices shared in this region of the world. The Colombian business culture has adopted fundamental practices for agile software development, making everything flow efficiently when working with U.S. companies.

4. A minimal time difference 

The country is located in the same time zone as much of the United States: We share Central and Eastern time zones. This allows for real-time collaboration and hand-in-hand work between teams in both countries, increasing the responsiveness and productivity of companies.

5. Comparatively lower costs

Generally speaking, the cost of hiring a Colombian developer is relatively low compared to the US, yet the skills and talent are at equivalent levels. And there are also significant economies to be made in lower costs of recruitment, training, and other HR costs. In the global tech talent market Colombia makes strong economic sense!

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