The talent market:
more global than ever.

Distributed teams whether in a hybrid (local/remote) or fully remote model, is now par for the course, and is fast-becoming a competitive advantage. Our Colombia teams work complete days in US timezones.

Our vision


Hiring great technologists is very difficult. We take care of the backoffice, so you can focus on building your business

We provide the talent, we take care of legal and financial process, we provide them with the tools and training they need to get the job done, and we conduct regular checkins to ensure everyone is singing from the same sheet.

Edwin template vision image
Edwin template vision image

Attracting great talent requires a lot of skill, retaining talent requires superpowers!

Churn is expensive and undermines productivity. We have developed a successful strategy that helps ensure high retention rates. We pay competitively, provide a best-in-class compensation package, and treat our teams with dignity. As a result, our clients and team members get stability, peace of mind and an amazing culture.


Talent is distributed evenly

Talent is distributed evenly and Colombia has great technology professionals. We have spent years mapping talent, networking and forming close collaborations with Universities across Colombia to find the best people with advanced software product skills across engineering, design, and testing.


More than the sum of the parts: cohesion counts!

Finding the right individuals, with the right skills is just the start. We work closely with our clients to identify the specific skillsets required, then evaluate candidates before presenting a shortlist to client. Key attributes we look for and train in, are the soft skills around collaboration and coordination in a remote team. Our clients value our ability to provide teams that are cohesive and ready to work.


Value before price

We price our service according to the market. If we are not elastic in this way then we cannot attract the best candidates and reduce churn. We focus on medium and long term value for our clients, not just price. While our prices are very competitive by US standards, value is the guiding principal.


Our community matters

Netmidas has always been an active member of the community in Cali. We set up the first tech networking community (, provided donations and Christmas cheer to a local orphanage ( and since the outbreak of the pandemic we provided food, materials, donations and other resources to two food kitchens that provide essential support to hundreds of people every day. We don't do it for the PR; we do it because it's the right thing to do.

Our story


Launched the largest online site for plastic surgery in the spanish speaking world. Dominates Google search within 9 months.


John Oliver moves to Cali, Colombia from NYC, and builds a team to work for his US clients.


Expands team to include members from 7 countries including Philippines, Bolivia, Argentina, Canada, India, Pakistan, Uruguay, Peru.


Provided mentoring in Colombian government startup accelerator. Worked on projects for Apple USA.


Launched home-grown data science service for data analysis and published in USA Today and other mainstream media. Launched a city data portal to promote transparency and counteract corruption and fake news.


Built 9 person team for for video game development in Cali. Built 5 person team for development of NFT marketplace. Building new team for Dutch Fintech.


Built 4 person team for major publishing company, 4 person team to build a real estate management platform and a 3 person team for a wellness platform.

Meet our team

We provide a culture of service and will go out of our way to ensure your complete satisfaction. Bilingual, bicultural and seasoned professionals with over 20 years serving clients across the world.

Do you have an idea? Let’s talk about it.