Mariana Niebas

Main stack:

Data Engineering




Data Architect


As a data engineer with a diverse background spanning law, data analysis, backend development, and cloud engineering, I am uniquely equipped to tackle complex data challenges from multiple angles. With seven years of experience in the field, I have developed a comprehensive skill set that enables me to architect, implement, and maintain sophisticated data pipelines, systems, and applications.

SCSK クラウドソリューション, Lead Data Architect, Feb. 2020 - Present

Evolution and maintenance of the client’s Data Analytics and Business Intelligence platform;
Data Engineering and contribution to the creation of new data flows inside the Data Analytics system;
Supervision of the overall consistency of data-related IT architecture, guaranteeing that its design fulfils the requirements;
Overseeing of the overall Data Governance and provision of input for future developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence;
Analysis of the integration of data and its metadata coming from different information systems into harmonized Business Intelligence tools;
Designing, analysis, and implementation of Business Intelligence components such as Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, Data Marts, ETLs, Reporting Tools, Analytics and Data Mining Tools.

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