July 11, 2024
John Oliver Coffey

Money or Passion?

In the dynamic world of software development, a critical question looms over experienced developers: What got you into programming? As the job market becomes increasingly competitive and once-attractive salaries shrink, it's time for some introspection. 

Reflect for a moment on starting your career in coding Is it something you always imagined yourself doing and would do anyway, no matter how low the pay was? Or is it something you had to do (because you needed money)? Or simply a career choice? Is money or passion fueling your coding journey and what will keep you going as the landscape evolves?

Let's go to the numbers

This Reddit poll "Money, passion or something else?" lets you get a little insight into the perspectives on the subject of 250 voters The verdict was intriguing:

  • Money: 112 votes
  • Passion: 103 votes
  • Other: 35 votes

250 voices, 250 different stories. The division is clear, but the nuances lie in the various reasons behind these choices. It's a fascinating dichotomy in our industry, don't you think? We collected some Reddit comments that resonate with this discussion:

From the trenches

Opinion 1: The lucrative mix:

 "I started (and continue) programming because I love doing it and it pays well. I'm fortunate to enjoy a lucrative career that coincides with my passion. It's a rare intersection that I wouldn't trade for anything."

Opinion 2: The player's confession: 

"Money, If I had a lot of money, I sure wouldn't write code. But after coding for a long time, now it's like a passion. I have fun building projects, learning new things, and teaching others."

Opinion 3: Balance:

 "Both. Money without passion is an endless game. Passion without money hits you from day one and you have no life left to keep your soul in the game of life. You need to balance both, pursue the passion, and make sure you have enough money to feed that monster."

Opinion 4: A late career revelation

"Both! I've done programming all my life, but recently I needed a change for economic reasons. Even if salaries go down, if I find a position, I'll be better off than ever, financially speaking, doing something I enjoy."

Opinion 5: Evolution

"I started for the passion, stayed for the money."

Opinion 6: The pragmatic approach

"I came here for money. Doing something for money doesn't mean you hate it. It's your job: you will have ups and downs, but you can and should be consistent in what you do to make a living."

Adapting to a changing landscape, forging a unique path

As the market fluctuates, the winds of change sweep across the programming landscape and the debate continues, remember that your journey is an ever-evolving narrative and as an experienced developer, adaptability, passion and an eye for financial realities will help you create your path in this constantly evolving context.

The dichotomy between money and passion is nuanced, the decision is in your hands. Your journey is a unique tapestry woven with threads of dedication, skill, and personal aspirations. At this crossroads, consider the delicate balance between unwavering passion and strategic pragmatism, the path you choose depends on your unique blend of motivations. Whether you find solace at the intersection of passion and a lucrative career or navigate the industry pragmatically in search of financial stability, the decision is yours-perhaps the key is to design a career that harmonizes the two, ensuring sustained enthusiasm and financial stability in the ever-evolving world of software development.

Happy programming and strategic adaptation may be your compass on this journey that is as dynamic as the code you create. The world of programming awaits your next step.

Let's hit it without fear! 

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