Santiago Degiovanni

Main stack:

Palo Alto Networks




Security Engineer


Security Engineer with 12 years of experience in IT and 10 years in the security field. He has extensive knowledge of Firewalls with 11 years of experience working with different brands such as Palo Alto. He has led teams, implemented monitoring technologies, managed policies and regulations, and participated in major projects, especially in the banking and automotive sectors. Proactive in keeping up to date with certifications and training, and has future aspirations to obtain an MBA in IT Technology.

Global Consulting, IT Advisor Leader, SEP 2022 - Present

As a Information security advisor & IT Advisor I've develop excellent security problem solving over different platforms like Microsoft and linux system,also I've acquired experience in safety recommendations of differents network environments and awareness of users. Working with different clients from Banks and Fintech on US, England, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

As a professional in the field of Information technology, I've learned to deal with different projects successfully, which helped enhance my communication skills and teamwork. Plan, design, and execute the information technology strategy, in order to optimize IT solutions, reduce risks and costs by implementing IT services that benefit the business.

Strategic planning. Collaboration with CISO in redesign of Information Security. Management of the cybersecurity team. Blue Team, Red Team, SOC, CSIRT, Vulnerability Management, Threat Intelligence, Awareness, security projects (eg biometrics), participation in the sale of Cybersecurity services, customer management and creation of a Cybersecurity business unit.

Defining solutions using latest technologies implemented on several infrastructures of the main vendors (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft), base software (AIX, Windows, Linux) in both on-premise and Cloud hosting.

Scalable and robust solutions for High availability production deployments.

Gap Analysis, alignment and remediation with PCI-DSS.

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